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Ad Rates

Print Issue Ad Rates

Classified Ad Rates (text only)
$15 for 1-10 words and then $.60 for each additional word.
This is a per issue rate that includes placement in both our newsletter and our web site.

Display Ad (options for: text-special formatting-graphics-borders-etc)
$30 per column inch (1 column wide and 1 inch deep) per issue.
Ads can be in any combination of column inches (i.e. a 3 column inch display ad would be 1 column wide and 3 inches deep and would cost 3 x $30 or $90 per issue).
This is a per issue rate that includes placement in both our newsletter and as a text ad on our web site.
Every issue of The Christian Classifieds is distributed for at least 2 weeks.

Coupon Ads (options for: text-special formatting-graphics-coupon style border-etc)
$60 per 3” coupon ad per issue (a 3 column inch horizontal ad, normally $90)
Our new Coupon Ads are a great way to attract customers and monitor the results of your advertising at the same time. We place a 1.5” by 2 column display ad (in coupon format) in our new Coupons Section of the newsletter and on the Coupon page of our web sites for a discounted price. All ads are placed according to the completed submission date (i.e. the first ad is placed at the top of the coupon section; therefore, the sooner your ad is submitted the higher your placement will be).
The only requirement is that you must offer some kind of discount with the redemption of the coupon.
These ads are designed to attract more attention and motivate people to shop at local businesses. You design your own ad or supply the text and graphics and we will design your ad. Coupon ads are run in a high visibility position on the back page of the paper and on a Coupon page on the web site.

Web Site Only Ad Rates

Banner Ads
$75 per month for placement on home page.
$50 per month for placement on any other page.
Banner ad is supplied by customer in a jpg file or designed by our staff for an additional charge.
Banner ads are accepted in sizes up to 500 x 80 pixels.
Banner ad can be linked to customer’s existing web site or email address at no additional charge.

Premium Ads
$35 per month for placement on any of the Classified Category pages.
A Premium ad consists of the text of your print ad plus 1 graphic
(photo, line art, logo, etc.).
Premium ads are placed at the top of the page, above the regular classified ads.
Premium ads are placed in order of date submitted and paid. If an ad in the top place is not renewed, the next ad will move up to become the top ad.